Far Cry 3 and other games free on PC

Ubisoft is giving away the third instalment of the Far Cry franchise for free. You can also get a piece of the Trials franchise.


Ubisoft is generous. The French company behind iconic franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six has announced a surprise free download of Far Cry 3. The title will be available to buy via Ubisoft Connect PC, the company’s platform exclusively for Ubisoft games. The offer will be available from today until 10 September, 23:30 local time.

Far Cry 3 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in open-world action games. However, the game has a unique personality compared to the first and second titles. In the game, we play Jason Brody, a spoiled brat stranded on an island in the Pacific who experiences (and later causes) horrific events as mercenaries capture and murder his friends.



As such, Far Cry 3 is a fascinating creation with its survival gameplay, allowing us to hunt exotic animals on the island and overwhelming us with frantic action ranging from classic shootouts to parachute jumps. After all, you’ll do anything to defeat Vaas Montenegro, the game’s antagonistic character, so that your life can finally return to normal.

It’s certainly a move by Ubisoft that has caught the attention of some gamers, who will get their first taste of the Far Cry saga ahead of the highly anticipated Far Cry 6, which is due to launch in October this year. Also included is Trials Fusion, part of the Trials franchise, which, in keeping with its theme, will allow players to take part in spectacular motorbike stunts. Although the last game is only accessible in the Japanese region, it may soon be available for download in our area without money.



In short, don’t miss the chance to get this game for free on the Ubisoft Connect PC platform. But if you’re interested in other titles, don’t forget that the September free games are now available on PS Plus and PS Now!

Source: PC Gamer

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