GTA Trilogy Developer Responds To Fan Frustrations, Claims Updates Are Underway

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch and several other platforms



GTA: The Trilogy is not off to the best start, with fans reportedly facing all sorts of problems with each of the games. In case you didn’t know, this latest trilogy was managed by the Florida-based team at Grove Street Games, which has been bringing GTA titles to various platforms for a decade and was responsible for the final effort. The company’s CEO and owner, Thomas Williamson, has publicly acknowledged the fan criticism with the following tweet, which, unsurprisingly, may not have gone down well with many fans:

Everything about the trilogy came under fire immediately after launch: bugs, glitches, models, textures, performance. Memes flooded social media and spurred numerous headlines. To make matters worse, GTA Trilogy remained unavailable on PC for numerous days because it released with files that weren’t meant to be in there. And then came the Metacritic review bombing.

On the positive side, Williamson’s latest tweet mentions how the team is working on “updates”, which means it will at least resolve. Some problems players may have encountered so far. If you’re having trouble with trilogy, it’s advisable to go and file a report via Rockstar’s Support Pages, where everything is “gathered and considered”.

Neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two Interactive has responded to the ongoing backlash.

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