Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Xbox Game Pass? Xbox shop hints its arrival

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is listed for Microsoft’s service on the digital shop



Mass Effect: Legendary Edition arrived in our hands during the first half of this year, with a collection of the first three titles in BioWare’s renowned franchise selling well above EA’s expectations. Those who don’t already own it have been wondering if it will ever come to Xbox Game Pass via EA Play, and it might be soon.

As several users have seen, with screenshots on networks and others picked up on sites such as XGP, the Polish Xbox shop has marked the game with the Game Pass seal. This mark is carried by all titles available on Microsoft’s subscription service that gives access to a library of hundreds of games available on Xbox consoles and PCs.

The logo has finally been removed, but it’s strange to think that it was simply a mistake, as there has been no official communication about it. The fact that EA Play is included in Game Pass also reinforces this theory, as it wouldn’t be surprising to see it become part of the service in the near future.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released in May this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and contains BioWare’s original trilogy of games, along with all of its DLC, a higher resolution and frame rate as well as revised textures, character modelling, shadows and effects for the occasion. If you miss anything else, don’t worry, the modders have even recovered a lost DLC from the first game.

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