The New Mass Effect Is Coming: The Developers Have Released A Spectaculary Teasing Poster

To celebrate “N7Day”, BioWare has released an official poster with several interesting details.



Mass Effect is one of those sagas that is adored by a whole generation of gamers. That’s why many franchise fans were excited when the announcement was made at The Game Awards 2020 that a new Mass Effect was in the works. Since then, we’ve heard little from EA and BioWare, but the studio has just released more news on Sunday.

It did so to mark the so-called “N7Day”, a day every year to commemorate the RPG series. The studio paid tribute to the series with offers, competitions, and other related events, but the new official poster for the franchise’s next game caught gamers’ attention most.

The image was posted on Mass Effect’s social media channels, and although it doesn’t reveal much at first glance, it’s full of details that fans are trying to interpret. In addition to the message “Mass Effect continues” (which we already knew), we see a ship landing near a large crater and four people heading towards it.

Some theories have already been floated, such as the crater having a shape and a circle in the middle that reminds us of the Geth, and the group of people shown being made up of various figures, which could be a reference to the size of the team in the next game.

However, the new Mass Effect with the studio’s veterans is still to come, as there is no approximate release date yet. To make the wait more manageable, this May saw the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, a collection of the original trilogy from the hit sci-fi action RPG saga.

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