Destiny Composer Asks For All Music He Distributed Without Permission To Be Destroyed [VIDEO]

Marty O’Donnell had to pay $100,000 to Bungie for selling Destiny tracks without permission


Big companies often have to deal with usage and distribution rights, and in the case of video games, it is no exception. Remember the case of Marty O’Donnell? The composer of the Halo and Destiny series has had his ups and downs with Bungie since they broke their relationship in 2014.

A couple of months ago, we heard the news about this: O’Donnell was fined $100,000 by Bungie for having distributed Destiny songs without authorisation. Now he has had to publish a video in which he urges users who own a copy of his music to destroy it immediately.

I do not have and have not had legal permission since April 2014 to possess or distribute non-commercially available material related to Destiny or Music of the Spheres,” he says in a video he has been forced to upload. “This material is the property of Bungie. If you have posted any of these assets on a website or other public platform, you must remove them immediately.”

The composer had distributed some of these tracks through platforms such as BandCamp or YouTube. That includes Music of the Spheres, the musical prequel that featured other big names such as Paul McCartney and Michael Salvatori. The truth is that Marty O’Donnell already spoke about his departure a year ago and had even revealed his tastes in videogames on more than one occasion, offering to compose music for the Zelda saga.

Source: eurogamer

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