A Console Reseller Is Arrested In Japan For Reselling A Shipment Of PS5 And Switch

The suspect allegedly obtained the consoles through an acquaintance who worked for a shipping company


Chip shortages are making it a challenge to get hold of a console, which has become a prized commodity that has already served as bait for scammers and criminals. But this time, our protagonist has gone big, making off with an entire shipment of two hundred PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles, complete with games, ready for delivery.

In Tokyo, a 50-year-old man reportedly gained access to the cargo from a courier company through an acquaintance. The consoles were ready for delivery, and the suspect, who, as shared by Kotaku following the TV Asahi story, reportedly confessed to the charges after being arrested, had already managed to sell more than half of the consoles.

The sales reportedly took place in a single day and in the Akihabara area, a neighbourhood known for many shops selling and buying video games. The Japanese media have reported the precarious situation of the man, who was unemployed and suffocated by debt and had been sleeping in the private booths of internet cafés.

The suspect also confessed to having lost almost all the money he had earned from the sale of the consoles by betting on horse racing. Meanwhile, Japan has continued to crack down on the growing cases in PS5 resale, even going so far as to mark the boxes of the consoles to prevent the practice.

Source: globalgaming

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