Cryptocurrency-trading Hamster, Mr Goxx Dies Six Month Into Succesfull Carreer

Mr Goxx, the hamster pet who achieved internet fame because of his ability to often outperform human investors in cryptocurrency-trading, died on Tuesday.



The news, reported on the the furry financier’s Twitter account announced the death of the hamster to his 18,000 followers. Since then hundreds of people around the world have paid tribute to his contribution to the crypto community. “We are absolutely overwhelmed with the uncountable and touching condolences which we’ve received across all channels. What we personally learned from this project has little to do with crypto”, says the owner to BBC.


The hamster’s “financial career” started when two friends in Germany wanted to prove the randomness of the success in the digital currency industry. And that’s when Mr Goxx, the pet of a friend got in the picture. He would make decisions by running on his “intention wheel” to select which cryptocurrency he’d like to buy or sell. Tha hamster’s trading office, attached to his cage, was watched by thousands on a Twitch livestream.

Mr Goxx began his financial career on 12 June 2021, and his final day was on 22 November. During half a year, his portfolio was up 19.7% and he had made about 98 Euros profit. Protos crypto-news site says the hamster’s latest financial results were better than Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Source: Forbes

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