Dead Space Remake In The Works For A Year And A Half?

Electronic Arts either can’t, or doesn’t dare, or doesn’t want to make a new Dead Space, so they’re going with the first one (although they got rid of the original developers after the third one was too different from what the franchise was known for…).


Over the summer, during EA Play Live, Electronic Arts announced that Motive Studios was working on a remake of the first Dead Space. The sci-fi survival horror is supposed to come towards the end of 2022, but Andrew Wilson has announced no exact release date, and nothing will likely be revealed until next summer at EA Play Live 2022.

So, it’s fair to ask, how long has Isaac Clarke’s story been in the works? Well, Philippe Ducharme, the game’s senior producer, says on his profile on LinkedIn that he started at Motive in August last year, but this shouldn’t be taken as a starting point, as Xavier Perreault, the senior artist responsible for the environment, has a profile that shows August 2020 again. Looking a little further ahead, Pierre-Vincent Bélisle’s profile, gameplay technology lead, shows October 2020, but the gig’s up at Maximilien Faubert, senior VX artist, who started working on the Dead Space remake last July!

From this information, we can calculate that the Dead Space project has been in the works since at least July last year, so it’s safe to say a year and a half, as 2022 is not that far away and a few weeks is not that much of a difference. However, we can deduce that the development cycle will be around 2.5 years, which is short for many AAA games (3 years is the standard) unless Electronic Arts has given the green light for the remake earlier.

Regarding the Dead Space remake (which is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC), Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, said, “It’s a little ways out yet, but the studio has taken it on. I can say it’s one of the great games in our catalogue. There has been extraordinary demand to bring it back for existing players and next generation of players, and we’re excited to add that to the portfolio over time.” Next generation of players? Let’s not go into that…

Source: WCCFTech

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