Far Cry 6 Welcomes Danny Trejo: The Actor Arrives On Yara With Two New Missions [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, Danny Trejo was mistakenly revealed in the game, but Ubisoft has now officially added him to Far Cry 6.



Far Cry 6 continues to receive content following its October release, and this time actor Danny Trejo has been officially added to the game. The character accidentally appeared on Yara a few weeks ago, which Ubisoft remedied with an update, and then removed the add-on featuring the legendary actor until further notice. Now, with full confirmation from the French studio and two new free missions, the actor is back in the action-driven FPS.

Danny Trejo missions are now available in Far Cry 6

A trailer released by Ubisoft details the new additions around Danny Trejo and his content, but they can be summarised in two available missions. In the first, titled “Danny and Dani vs Everyone Else”, the pro will help execute a plan to feed Yara, and in the subsequent special operation called “Malagua”, the actor will join the player to help students protesting against Anton Castillo’s government.

But Danny Trejo has even more surprises in store for us, as in addition to the missions mentioned above, we will also have access to his exclusive equipment. In this Danny Trejo Bundle, we’ll find new items to customise our protagonist, including Trejo’s real clothes and a taco truck to drive through Yara with a delicious snack.

So it’s clear that Ubisoft is continuing to work on the latest Far Cry instalment, as the Vaas DLC has also been expanded with an exclusive add-on, alongside 12 minutes of gameplay, allowing us to explore the thoughts and origins of the iconic villain.

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