Uncharted: The Movie Unveils Second Trailer with A Big Dose Of Action And Mystery

MOVIE NEWS – Uncharted is set to bring its adventures to the big screen in February 2022



Nathan Drake has been involved in all sorts of adventures throughout his video game adventures, which is why we can’t wait to see how he fares on the big screen. Uncharted: The Movie has already enthralled action movie fans with a first teaser packed with combat, discovery and tense situations, and with a release date fast approaching, we’ve been given a chance to enjoy a second trailer.

However, there is no shortage of video game puzzles in this second trailer, spiced up with deadly traps and curious infiltrations. This time, we get to see Tom Holland step into the shoes of Nathan Drake for more action-packed moments. After all, the film will show the most iconic features of the original titles for both gamers and those unfamiliar with the franchise.

Naughty Dog assured a few weeks ago that the film would be enjoyable for all types of users: “they’ve made the film for hardcore fans and those unfamiliar with the franchise, and believe that both sides will be equally entertained by this incredibly fun and action-packed film“. A proposal that has actors of great renown in the industry such as Antonio Banderas, Mark Whalberg, Sarah Petrick and Sophia Ali, and the aforementioned Tom Holland.

The film aims to bring us back to video games on multiple occasions with the use of references and winks, homages that we have already begun to point out since the release of the first trailer. Uncharted: The Movie will be released in cinemas on 18 February, and, to make the wait easier, we have already been able to enjoy some promotional posters.

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