For Treyarch, The Developers Of Call of Duty ,Creating An Inclusive Environment Is A Top Priority

The women of Treyarch have issued a statement referring to the harassment cases



2021 is coming to an end and, sadly, it has not been a good year for video games. There may have been some great titles released or people enjoying the new generation, but the industry has been damaged by numerous cases of discrimination and harassment, the most serious and well-known controversy being that of Activision Blizzard.

This has directly affected the Call of Duty franchise, with one of its directors having to resign from his position due to events in 2017 and the subsequent investigation that followed. He was part of Treyarch, one of the studios responsible for the franchise, which has now issued a statement.

In a text posted on Twitter, they talk about how the developer’s priority is to create an “inclusive environment“, promoting diversity and a safe workspace. “Our culture has no room for sexism, harassment, racism, bigotry, discrimination, or bullying.” they say.

According to Miranda Due, the associate producer at Treyarch, it is a text written by women. “The entire team is dedicated to video game development because we have a deep love for the art and magic that can create essential moments.”

It is undoubtedly a necessary statement, although it remains to be seen whether effective measures will actually be taken to combat this issue further. Let’s remember that all this goes much further, with numerous workers calling for the resignation of Activision Blizzard’s president, Bobby Kotick, who has been directly accused of having first-hand knowledge of the cases of sexual abuse that occurred in the company.

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