Is Brandon Sanderson (The Wheel Of Time) Working On A Video Game?

The sci-fi/fantasy writer, Brandon Sanderson is allegedly working on a video game, but we have yet to see which team is his collaborator.


We see on Reddit how Brandon Sanderson is admittedly working on a video game project. Here’s what he wrote: “I’ve been working on a video game for several years, and I suspect it will be announced this year. So, commence speculation!

(Note: it’s not for one of my properties, but something new that I built with them. It’s a game company many of you will have heard of, but probably not the one you’re thinking about right now. Not that other one either.),” Brandon Sanderson wrote. So it’s not one of his IPs. Still, something brand new, meaning the universe itself is made from scratch. The term “this year” means 2022 and not 2021: let’s face it, nobody will have significant announcements next week, which makes sense, as we’ll need some rest after the poppy seed rolls.

Two teams have been named as potential candidates for the writer. One of them is Microsoft-bound, while the other team is tied to Sony. One possible route for Sanderson is working with Brian Fargo at InXile Entertainment (part of Xbox Game Studios) on a steampunk title. The other potential route is working with Cory Balrog on a sci-fi game at Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica, making this project a PlayStation-exclusive. (The latter makes sense: the studio is slowly wrapping up God of War: Ragnarok, currently in development for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.)

A little trivia: Square Enix has also contacted Brandon Sanderson regarding a possible collaboration, but the writer refused the offer. The game in question is speculated to be Forspoken. We have to emphasise how all this is speculation at this point.

Source: JVL

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