Ron Perlman Brings New Information About Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Netflix Movie

Ron Perlman recently talked about the setting of Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio movie


Remember that there are two versions of Pinocchio we’re supposed to be graced within 2022? Obviously, one of them comes from Disney, but the other comes from acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro. The director of the recently released Nightmare Alley and Shape of Water has a new take on the classic character for Netflix.

While talking to Inverse about his long relationship with del Toro, actor Ron Perlman spoke about his involvement in the upcoming stop motion film. In 2020, we learned that this new version of the character (to be played by newcomer Gregory Mann) will be set in 1930s Italy during Benito Mussolini’s fascism. Perlman provided insight into what that new setting will entail. The concept of the film is that Pinocchio is the perfect soldier because he’s not human. So he never questions orders. He has no fears. He’s invulnerable.

Pinocchio sounds pretty wild as a child soldier, and Perlman added that his character, Mangiafuoco, will serve as a dark mentor, like an evil Jiminy Cricket. ”

“Well, Guillermo’s Pinocchio is set in Mussolini’s Italy, which is a Fascist backdrop. The conceit of the film is that Pinocchio is the perfect soldier because he’s not human. So he doesn’t ever question orders. He doesn’t have fears. He’s invulnerable. He’s all the things the perfect soldier needs to be. I play one of the city fathers who’s pro-fascist and who’s trying to manipulate Pinocchio into representing the cause.”  Because Pinocchio is invulnerable and “all the things the perfect soldier needs to be”, of course, the fascists would want him on their side to help keep the regime in check.

Given that Perlman is no stranger to playing guys who manipulate people, you can call it pretty perfect casting. How often del Toro’s work explores twisted family dynamics and complicated relationships, plus his tendency to set films during actual human history, the new Pinocchio looks like it will be worth watching. But, of course, both Disney’s and del Toro”s movies will serve as appetizers until the real hot release: the Lies of P game, where you will play as Pinocchio, set in a cruel, dark Belle Epoque world.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio will hit Netflix in late 2022.

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