It’s Official: Spider-Man: No Way Home Is The Biggest Box Office Hit Of The Year

MOVIE NEWS – It’s official: the record-breaking, universe-uniting Spider-Man is the biggest film of the year.



Spider-Man: No Way Home has approached $1 billion in global box office grosses, stunningly without even being released in China – making it the biggest box office hit ever! The film not only ranks high on the charts of all Spider-Man adaptations but also in terms of box office receipts. After having one of the biggest opening weekends in cinema history, with over $260 million in the US alone, it’s no surprise when the inevitable happened.

Why did it seem inevitable that the film would be a big hit? Well, you only have to think of the enormous hype: not since Avengers: Endgame has there been such enthusiasm and anticipation for a Marvel film. As with the conclusion of the Avengers era, it was a gigantic task to unite three generations of the superhero franchise and their characters and some of the villains.

And the great mix of old and new elements was enough to make Spider-Man: No Way Home produce such extraordinary numbers. As a result, it’s probably not an exaggeration to say that it was the biggest hit of the entire pandemic!

It beat out recent blockbusters such as Dune, F9 and No Time to Die, which all boasted impressive numbers at the pandemic-era box office, but the film is now a contender for the pandemic box office throne. And if that wasn’t enough, seeing the fans’ enthusiasm, Amy Pascal confirmed the development of the next Spider-Man trilogy in an interview before the film’s release.

Source: Variety

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