Kojima Aims To Blur The Line Between Entertainment Mediums With His Next Game

Hideo Kojima is up to something big at Kojima Productions, but of course, it’s better to have a healthy degree of doubt because who knows how much of what he says is true in the end.


A major Japanese publication, Famitsu, interviewed the Japanese genius and mentioned his next project, which is already in the works, as the Japanese studio is not busy with Death Stranding at the moment. Until August last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment, who have a recent obsession with making PlayStation 5 versions of older PlayStation 4 games with a Director’s Cut subtitle and more content, tasked Kojima to follow the line. He has done just that with Death Stranding.

Kojima said the following about his next game: “A big title, and a title that’s a new challenge. As the boundaries of entertainment disappear shortly, I’d like to make this a year that we take a step forward into challenging different mediums and expressions.” He could very well have been thinking about movies here, as almost everyone knows him to be a big movie fan, and perhaps that’s why there were several scenes in the later Metal Gear Solid movies that were quite long: he could be entering the film market himself.

At the same time, we’ve heard several things from the Kojima Productions lot. We’ve heard rumours that the studio is working on the Death Stranding sequel. There was also talk, perhaps as early as Spring 2020, that a horror game might be in the works, possibly linked to Silent Hill, which would be interesting because Kojima was in charge of Silent Hills (which also starred Norman Reedus, who later reprised the role in Death Stranding) back at Konami before the publisher and developer had a falling out.

So you can combine video games with movies, and since Death Stranding also used cloud technology, there could be a community factor in the gameplay here. Of course, we are only guessing.

Source: VG247

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