Could GoldenEye 007 Get A New Port?

The classic Nintendo 64 FPS, the GoldenEye 007 (which is great fun, especially with friends) could be getting a new port, as there is a hint that it’s in the oven.


The TrueAchievements website is dedicated to, you guessed it, achievements. Xbox achievements can be viewed on the site. But the trick is that GoldenEye 007 also has a page like this. This game doesn’t exist on the Redmond company’s consoles, so Microsoft is likely planning a port of Rare’s internal-view shooter.

GoldenEye 007 is stuck on Nintendo’s two-and-a-half-decade-old cassette-using platform because of a legal Gordian knot between Rare, Nintendo, and MGM, which owns the James Bond IP. (And it could get even more complicated, as Amazon made a takeover offer to MGM in May. This could even interfere with Project 007 at IO Interactive.) A Nintendo Wii remake was released, but it wasn’t the original. An Xbox Live Arcade port was leaked last year, but that was also an older project.

Rare has repeatedly said that they’ve tried more than once for a port but never got the green light (and they’ve had other problems lately: we wrote that Everwild development was a headache), but that could change. In Germany, for example, the game’s ban has been suspended, which previously suggested that it might be part of Nintendo Switch Online among Nintendo 64 titles. Still, with the emergence of achievements, the story seems more complicated. Are we talking about a multiplatform release? Something is up; otherwise, the achievements wouldn’t exist. Let’s think about that.

Achievements themselves are typical of the game: difficulty levels, completing maps, completing maps in a set time, multiplayer achievements… what we get from this is that Rare’s classic will not be gutted, meaning the multiplayer component can remain. So we might as well be able to call out our friends online if they lay us out with a golden gun.

Source: VG247

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