Will PlayStation VR 2 be in stores this year?

The next-generation PlayStation VR doesn’t have an official name yet (who knows what Sony will name the VR headset…), but chances are we might be able to pick one up off the shelves by the end of the year (or maybe order one online; by then, PlayStation Direct might be expanding into other markets in Europe as well…).


Sony has long since confirmed that it will be making a new, more powerful virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, which will use its revolutionary ideas from the DualSense technology, and maybe end up as technologically advanced as its PC rivals (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index…), unlike its predecessor. And you might be able to buy the new PlayStation VR as early as the end of 2022 if some rumours are to be believed…

An insider on the Goertek production line in China claims, reported by the French VRPlayer that they are involved in manufacturing VR products, so they are also producing the PlayStation VR, which is currently available. According to him, a “Japanese consumer with a large video game console” has already placed an order for millions of units with them, and the unnamed company is hoping to launch what could be called a next-generation VR headset in 2022.

According to the insider, 1-2 million new PlayStation VRs could be made during 2022, and there have also been talks of increasing production capacity by 2023. Two OLED displays (4000×2040 resolution), DualSense technology (haptic feedback, adaptive triggers), and support for PlayStation 5. The new hardware needs a new VR evolution, and Sony might just be able to leap with the PlayStation VR 2.

All of this is not official, of course. Still, with the first big show of the year, CES, which focuses on consumer technology, set to bring some surprises this week, who knows, maybe Sony can give some thoughts on the new PlayStation VR here. Still, a more realistic idea is for ‘the blue company’ to mention more details about virtual reality, say, during a later State of Play. We can only wait and see.

Source: JVL

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