This Is AyaNeo Next: The Handheld Console Destined To Rival Steam Deck

TECH NEWS – AyaNeo continues to make inroads in the sector with new models, although it is questionable how well they will be received.



AyaNeo’s commitment to offering portable hardware that lets you enjoy PC video games anywhere is nothing new, but it’s questionable whether the manufacturer can ride the Steam Deck wave of popularity that the sector has needed. Although the AyaNeo Next is also due to be released in the coming months, details about the device and its price have raised suspicions about its expected success from the outset, given the competition.

Coming in February, expected to be priced at $1345

The AyaNeo Next is quite different in appearance from the Steam Deck, with a design more similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite than Valve’s Steam Deck. In terms of software, it supports Steam games and offers a user interface adapted to the portable nature of the hardware, which promises to be intuitive and easy to use for gamers. The developers promise to integrate Epic and Ubisoft’s catalogue in the future.





In terms of technical specifications, the AyaNeo Next Advance is built on an eight-core, 16-thread AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Zen3 with AMD Radeon Vega 8 integrated graphics chip, 16 GB of RAM (LPDDR4x) and a 2 TB M.2 (NVMe) SSD storage disk. All this is a significant improvement over the manufacturer’s previous model, PC Gamer reminds us, but will disappoint some users who were expecting more ambition in the architecture.

Lastly, the console is equipped with a seven-inch IPS LCD screen and a 4100 mAh battery, which provides between two and six hours of gaming time.

All of this comes at a price, with the company behind it expecting to sell the console for $1,345, with deliveries expected by the end of February. The high cost of entry is in line with AyaNeo’s previous products but is a far cry from the price of Valve’s announced Steam Deck, which ranges from $399 to $649 (or €419 to €679) depending on the model. We’ll have to wait for reviews to see if the difference is worth it…

Source: PC Gamer

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