EA Confirmes: Several FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Accounts Have Been Hacked; Problem Under Investigation

Hackers managed to access other people’s FIFA 22 profiles from the company’s official platform, EA Help chat.



We can’t say that EA had a lousy year in 2021, as FIFA 22 is one of the most popular titles at the moment. However, it seems that the company didn’t start 2022 on the wrong foot, as it has been revealed that its security system has been hacked. Several FIFA 22 Ultimate Team users have reported that their accounts have been hacked, leading to the loss of coins, players and a lot of effort.

“We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating” – EA

It’s not just virtually empty accounts, as The Mirror reports that the profiles of avid streamers and content creators have also been hacked. It turns out that the problem originated from EA Help chat, the company’s official platform for resolving issues for various players. Here, the hackers managed to access other people’s profiles by simply typing in a nickname or PSN ID (which is linked to an EA account) and requesting a change of email address to reset passwords.

Following this, several industry streamers condemned the situation on social media. “I plan to take legal action, they gave my account to a random person via the live chat,” – said FUT Donkey. “I told EA live chat 2 times to add notes to my account to put that my account was being targeted by hackers and to not change any details, and they still did it. Nothing more I could have done and tbh I shouldn’t have to do anything. It is basic security, disgusting stuff.”

As the problem still persists, EA assured Mirror that they are working to resolve the hacking situation. “We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating,” company officials said in a statement.

Source: The Mirror

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