Bobby Kotick Explains The Reasons Behind The Sale Of Activision Blizzard To Microsoft

The CEO of Activision Blizzard believes that the transaction is necessary to achieve its ambitious goals.



While Activision Blizzard has been in a difficult situation in recent months with numerous problems, layoffs and internal and external complaints about its management, the news of Microsoft’s record-breaking acquisition has shaken up the industry. But what were the reasons that led the company’s management to agree to sell to the Xbox parent company?

“Microsoft recognizes the commitment to excellence and creative independence that sets us apart” – Bobby Kotick

In a statement to employees, Bobby Kotick, the (still) CEO of Activision Blizzard, justified the move by saying that the company faces challenges to meet its goals. “As investments in cloud computing, AI and machine learning, data analytics, and user interface and experience capabilities are becoming more competitive, we believe this partnership will better enable our ambitions,” he added, claiming that the company’s talent and portfolio are an important component in building a rich metaverse, a buzzword these days that seems set to define the future of the industry as a whole.

Kotick goes on to say that all roads lead to Microsoft, reviewing the industry background of Phil Spencer’s team and, in particular, the Redmond giant’s technological innovation capabilities, which are of great importance to the next generation of video games.


Microsoft guarantees minimal changes


So much for the reasons for the sale, but what happens next? Bobby Kotick has sought to reassure Activision Blizzard employees that Microsoft needs them, their talent, creativity, and hard work. “Microsoft recognizes the commitment to excellence and creative independence that sets us apart, and we anticipate minimal changes for our workforce following the close of the transaction,” he explained, reminding that the acquisition will give them access to Microsoft’s expertise and technology to generate new development opportunities.

Source: Activision Blizzard

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