Horizon Forbidden West Feature Moral Choices With Extremely Powerful Consequences

Secondary characters will change the nuance of an ending of Horizon Forbidden West



Horizon: Forbidden West is less than a month away, and Guerrilla Games have shared many new information about the highly anticipated title. A few days ago, we got to know some of the characters we will meet in Aloy’s latest adventure, with Carrie-Anne Moss as the mysterious Tilda or Angela Bassett (Black Panther) giving life to Regalla, one of the great antagonists of the game.

The game’s narrative director Benjamin McCaw and senior writer Annie Kitain spoke in an interview with Everyeye about some of the story aspects of the Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel. McCaw shared the team’s effort to make more intense side quests where the relationship with the supporting characters would go deeper.

“We’ve worked hard to make this happen in Forbidden West: relationships with companions will be deeper and more emotionally powerful, quest lines will develop in a less mechanical way,” explained McCaw, who emphasised the concept of ‘depth’ to define all the activities we’ll be undertaking.

The time we choose to spend with certain side characters could also have an effect on the progress of the story, albeit minimal. “Let’s be clear, Forbidden West will have a unique, very strong and impactful ending, but some nuances may change depending on the characters you’ve given space and attention to,” the narrative director clarified.

McCaw also talked about the moral choices we will encounter. These will be presented to us on several occasions and will be very important, with extremely powerful consequences. McCaw didn’t want to go into numerical details on the length of the main story, though he estimated that Forbidden West’s will be slightly longer than Horizon: Zero Dawn’s, though not by much. Horizon Forbidden

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