Zombie Mode In Battlefield 2042 Has Been Disabled Only One Day After Its Arrival

This zombie mode has been removed from Battlefield for becoming an XP farm



Battlefield 2042 users have been confused over the past few months. Since its launch, Electronic Arts’ title has suffered from several issues, with the game’s developers themselves admitting that it’s taking far too long to fix them. The various bugs have been fixed over the weeks, and patches have even been detailed as to what patches are coming soon.

But 2042 seems to be a never-ending story, as what seemed like great news has been turned on its head in recent days. Last week, a zombie mode was announced for Battlefield Portal, the section that allows users to create different game modes using weapons, maps and features from previous Battlefield games. Just a day after it was announced, it has been announced that it is no longer available.



This survival mode put us in a team of four players against 60 zombies, with the goal of staying alive for one hour. The mode has been removed because it had become an experience farm, meaning players were earning too many points too quickly and too easily, which affected overall progression in relation to other users.

“We’ve removed the zombie mode and replaced it,” says Ripple Effect’s (Battlefield Portal) design director Justin Weibe. “We hope to fix it in the future and keep it in line with the progression of the game. We’ve also tightened up our review process to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your patience.”



What is striking here is what Weibe himself mentions: the mode should not have passed the review process, and yet it did. We don’t know if it will be available again in the future, but it certainly added a touch of variety to a title whose popularity is waning.

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