Elden Ring & George R. R. Martin: Miyazaki Explains Why He Asked Him To Collaborate

The creator of Elden Ring gave an interview in which he also talks about the difficulty of his game and his relationship with the open world.



While the announcement of any game from From Software attracts the attention of a large group of gamers, this phenomenon is amplified in the case of Elden Ring’s collaboration with George R.R. Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire novels. It seems that this invitation not only served to develop a fantasy world but also allowed Miyazaki to explore the marriage of video games and other genres.

“Games and books are vastly different forms of media” – Hidetaka Miyazaki

In an interview on the PlayStation blog (see below), the Japanese creator spoke about the difficulties of Elden Ring and its connection to the open world. He also responded to the question of whether he could collaborate with an influencer again: “I don’t think I would choose a fellow game creator. Honestly, one of the major appeals of working with George R.R. Martin was how the medium he works in is such a different style. Games and books are vastly different forms of media, after all.”

Elden Ring’s father is therefore open to any partnership that allows him to see video games differently: “I were to choose, it would be someone who can provide that same level of stimulation that’s impossible for us to achieve as game developers. It could be someone who works in books, art, music, or anything that gives that impetus and can drive us as fellow creators but in an entirely different genre.”

Undoubtedly, the experience was rewarding for both parties, as George R.R. Martin wrote on his blog that although he had little to do with video games, he was impressed with what From Software had created. At the same time, others, such as bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, have been maliciously critical of Martin’s hiring for Elden Ring.

Source: PlayStation.blog

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