A Lawyer Accuses Sony Of Fraud Over The Price Difference Between Horizon: Forbidden West PS5 And PS4

Despite being the same game, Guerrilla’s Horizon title for PlayStation costs €10 more in the new generation, and the lawyer says this is a case of misleading customers.


One of the most anticipated titles for Sony console owners in February and the whole of 2022 is Horizon: Forbidden West. This new PlayStation exclusive brings us once again the adventure of Aloy in a dystopian future full of mysterious and powerful machines.

With just one day to go until Guerrilla’s game hits both previous and new generations, the free update from PS4 to PS5 announced a few months ago has come under criticism in recent weeks after users saw the prices of the different platforms. And Forbidden West is essentially the same game on both consoles, with a free update on PS4 and a €10 price increase on PS5 when viewed on the PlayStation Store.

On Sony’s console digital store, we see that if you access it from PS4, the release price is €69.99 (£23,990) for the standard edition, while if you do so from PS5 itself, the price is €79.99 (£31,190). ) this may be due to the new pricing standards for the big Sony exclusives of the new generation, but – according to the lawyer – it could also be perceived as a trick for the next-gen user to pay €10 more without having to, as it would be worth simply buying the PS4 version and running the game on PS5.

This is exactly what a lawyer thought. As reported by VGC, Richard Hoeg, a lawyer at Hoeg Law, was harshly critical of Sony because he believed they had made a misleading advertisement when they announced the free update. “Sony PlayStation cannot defend this business model,” he wrote in a post.

“It seems they deliberately want to confuse people about the price to steal $10 from the uninformed,” he continued. “They haven’t even updated their FAQ. So what are users supposed to do now? It’s as if Sony wants them to sue the company on purpose,” the lawyer claimed in another tweet in a series of posts about the problem.

Hoeg then elaborated on the issue, speaking to VGC about the legal consequences Sony could face as a result of the decision. He says that various charges could be brought against Sony, and the Japan-based company could even get in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission over the case. This US government agency protects consumers from deceptive, unfair or fraudulent market practices.

Waiting to see if any proceedings related to this dilemma will be initiated in the future, the developers at Guerrilla can be satisfied with their work. The game will be released on 18 February for PS4 and PS5, but many tests have already been published (we’re still testing the version we recently received from Sony), and most of them suggest that Horizon Forbidden West could be the game of the year.

Source: VGC

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