Elden Ring: Already One Of The Highest Rated Games In History According To Metacritic

Elden Ring, the new open-world RPG from the father of Dark Souls, has hit the world press.



We can’t say that the success of Elden Ring comes as a big surprise, as Hidetaka Miyazaki has been a source of confidence for a decade. Still, before the debut of a big game, there’s always some nervousness about whether the title can live up to the hype – and even more joy when we see that it’s done well.

The truth is, the game not only did well but impressed us with the studio’s biggest and most ambitious work to date. It’s a vast world full of secrets, and it’s of such a high standard that it promises to challenge us for a long time to come. Most excitingly, there seems to be a resounding consensus around Miyazaki’s work.

Elden Ring is currently the twelfth highest-rated game of all time

The RPG immediately topped the Metacritic chart – the popular website that tallies up the various reviews from around the world press and calculates an average score. The Elden Ring is currently the 12th highest-rated game of all time, not counting console versions of games like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.





On Metacritic’s alternative, OpenCritic, FromSoftware’s game has risen to the top and is the second-highest-rated game after Super Mario Odyssey. One thing’s for sure, the world press is enthusiastic about the game, which has not ceased to give gamers a reason to make it one of the most anticipated titles of an already strong 2022.

Source: Metacritic

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