Is The Lazy Logo-Having Street Fighter 6 Running On The RE Engine?

Capcom may be using its proprietary technology in a Street Fighter 6  fighting game with a logo that doesn’t look original.


Let’s start with the logo. You can see the Street Fighter 6 logo on the right, and on the left is one of Adobe’s stock images, and it’s called “SF FS logo design vector template”. VGC has put the two images side by side, and it’s safe to say that Capcom didn’t try too hard…

Aurich Lawson, Ars Technica’s creative director, has pointed out the similarities on Twitter: “The new Street Fighter 6 logo is $80 on Adobe’s Stock site. I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was generic, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. They searched for “SF” on a stock logo site, rounded a couple of corners, and added the 6. I cannot [believe it].” Oh, and since Adobe offers the logo as an AI/EPS file, it’s pretty easy to modify this logo in Adobe Illustrator…

AestheticGamer/Dusk Golem, who can be called an insider regarding Capcom games, wrote on Twitter that Street Fighter 6 will use the RE Engine, similar to the next prominent games coming from the Japanese publisher for several years. It’s an understandable move because if you have your proprietary, now proven technology (which debuted in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and was used in Devil May Cry 5, for example…), why should Capcom pay for licenses? The company did that with Street Fighter V, a fighting game for PlayStation 4 and PC that used Unreal Engine 4.

The engine change is not yet official, but the logo’s source cannot be denied. Capcom will be releasing more details about Street Fighter 6 in the summer, so until then, we’ll only hear rumours.

Source: VGC, WCCFTech

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