The Walking Dead Reaches One Of Its Last Milestone

Although The Walking Dead series is slowly coming to an end, we hope our favourite walking dead won’t kick the bucket if they’ve marched that much on those certain legs.


Gradually, the television adaptation of The Walking Dead’s comics by Robert Kirkman, which has stirred up a lot of words in recent years and has unfolded in the video game industry, is slowly coming to an end. But while the moment is over, new announcements are still surrounding the franchise, with an exclusive game coming in for Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch, which will launch this summer.

Regarded as a game / TV hybrid, The Walking Dead: Last Mi aims to give fans a chance to immerse themselves in the new story of Last Mile and its protagonists by putting players in the hands of the story as it unfolds minute by minute, day by day, week by week.

This summer exclusively for Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch: “Chewing on our nails, we look forward to showcasing this new opportunity in The Walking Dead universe, where fans can play as a community and influence this new world and its inhabitants.” Says Robert Kirkman, president of Skybound Entertainment and creator of the original comic book The Walking Dead. “For the final mile, viewers can relive the living, breathing world of The Walking Dead, working individually and collectively to influence the story at every step. We are excited to work with our partners at Genvid and Facebook to bring this pioneering vision to the world. life.” “, Add.

We currently have little detail about the experience, beyond that Genvid and Facebook, as well as the main sim developer Pipeworks Studios, want to provide more information. The Walking Dead universe has served many breakthroughs in the industry over the years, the most famous and well-known being The Walking Dead: The Narrative Adventures of the Telltale Game Series.

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