Is Project Spartacus Approaching? Some Subscribers Are Experiencing It!

Sony may indeed be launching a rival to Microsoft’s (Xbox) Game Pass shortly: some have already witnessed some unusual signs.


On the NeoGAF forums, several users have reported that they have received a free PlayStation Now subscription for the same period for a new PlayStation Plus subscription or for a subscription that is already active, but they want to extend. In other words, if you paid for a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription, you got a year’s PlayStation Now subscription for free without having to pay for it.

For others, it’s more complicated: if they have an active subscription, which offers unlimited online multiplayer (and three to four free games a month) on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and one that allows you to stream older games from the cloud, they’ve experienced bugs in your username. PlayStation Network says they have two PlayStation Plus subscriptions in their subscription options instead of one for PS Plus and one for PlayStation Now. However, those who are currently subscribed to only one or the other and have not yet renewed will not experience any change…

IGN Italy started an experiment on a profile with an active PlayStation Plus membership but no PlayStation Now subscription. After purchasing a month of PlayStation Now, they were given a much longer subscription: the access lasts precisely as long as their PlayStation Plus membership is active. They claim it could be a bug. (If this is indeed the case, then we have to ask how Sony managed to pull this off, as it would mean a significant loss for them financially…)

If it’s not a bug, then rest assured that Sony is indeed trying to combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. We’ve previously reported that the Game Pass alternative, codenamed Spartacus, could have three subscription categories. Still, we’re wondering if the rumours about the ‘classic’ games are true and what we can expect to see among them…

Source: PSL

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