More Steam Deck In 2022! Valve Steps Up Production

TECH NEWS – Valve is also working to make Steam Deck available in more countries around the world.



At the end of February, Steam Deck arrived in the homes of the first gamers (in some cases in the hands of a very iconic courier) to debut this console-to-PC marriage. The development of Valve’s new tool is being followed closely by many, with Gabe Newell saying it’s as big an introduction as the iPhone was in the smartphone industry. Although a general shortage of parts has stood in the way of the console, the production seems to be getting better.

“We now have a clearer view of our long-term production schedule.”- Valve

We see this in the latest statements posted on Steam’s website, where they announce a more positive outlook for production of the new console: “We’ve been working hard to increase the number of Steam Decks we can produce this year, and we now have a clearer view of our long-term production schedule,” the statement reads.

“As a result, gamers who pre-ordered a Steam Deck alongside Q1 and Q2 can now see if it’s available in the Q3 order window.” In addition, Valve announced that they have already sent out order emails for the second batch of Q1 pre-orders and assured them that they would continue to work on getting the console to other countries.

Steam Deck is improving in every possible area, both in manufacturing, shipping, and software. In this vein, Valve has announced that its device already exceeds 1,000 verified or playable games, adding a good handful of adventure games to the instrument’s playability.

Source: Steam

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