Steam Deck Users Emulate Switch Games – Nintendo Is Already Blocking Videos!

Nintendo has not shown much tolerance for these problems in the past.



Any gamer who knows Nintendo knows that the company takes legal issues very seriously, and emulation is not looked upon favourably by the “Big N.” Owners of the new Steam Deck have already begun posting videos of the handheld console while playing with Mario and his companions, and the Japanese company quickly blocked the content from social media.

The video showed footage from Super Mario Galaxy

The incident was explicitly brought to the public’s attention by ThePhawx, a YouTube content creator with over 50,000 subscribers, who posted a video of his Steam Deck while testing a Switch emulator. He was eventually forced to remove the video from his channel because it showed Nintendo content.

What did the video show? In addition to serving as a guide for anyone interested in emulating on their Steam Deck, the footage showed ThePhawx playing a version of Super Mario Galaxy available for Switch that was not only functional but also enjoyable at a higher frame rate than the official version available on Nintendo’s hybrid.

The company has no patience when it comes to such problems, having already shown this when it removed 1300 YouTube videos containing music from its video games. Another notorious case was that of Gary Bowser, who was the leader of a hacker group that developed and sold tools to run Nintendo titles.

Even without the emulation theme, Steam Deck has a promising library of games that not only allows you to enjoy the current library of the platform of the same name, but Valve claims to have several projects in development, and the latest update has also managed to fix the problem of drifting.

Source: Resetera

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