Hogwarts Legacy: PlayStation Dedicates This Week’s State Of Play Event To The Game!

Warner Bros. is promising previously unreleased footage from the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy RPG, as well as commentary from the creators.



Hogwarts Legacy is one of the games that has become one of the most anticipated games of the year thanks to its fantastic offer. Despite rumours and concerns about the status of development, Warner Bros. has assured the community that the game is still scheduled for release in 2022, but now they want to reward Harry Potter fans’ anticipation with a surprise.

It will be a State of Play dedicated entirely to the Hogwarts Legacy

As shared on PlayStation’s Twitter account, it looks like we’ll be able to find out more about this magical game on 17 March at 22:00 UK time via YouTube and Twitch. The 20-minute event will look at some of the more critical aspects of Avalanche’s title, as promised by the Japanese company.

But PlayStation is keen to raise expectations even higher and has already shared some of the content we’ll see on Thursday: expanded gameplay on PS5, commentary from Avalanche Software members and more. So we’re in for an evening of wizards and magic later this week.

Of course, Harry Potter fans (and fantasy fans in general) have reason to be excited about the game. Warner Bros. has already warned that the game will not feature some of the franchise’s most iconic locations, but they claim the end result will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, a few days ago, it was reported that the blockbuster Harry Potter: Magic Awakened would be released in the West.

Source: PlayStation.blog

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