Goldeneye 007: Will the iconic James Bond game return?

Last week, something strange occurred on the Xbox platform; achievements related to Goldeneye 007 appeared. Does it mean something?



Goldeneye 007 is an iconic shooter game. It was one of the most successful games on Nintendo 64, giving a whole generation of gamers the chance to enjoy the thrilling adventures of James Bond in video game form. Some incorporated achievements related to the title recently appeared on Xbox, which served as a starting point for all sorts of theories.

As VGC reports, the trademark allowing the term Goldeneye to refer to “downloadable electronic game software” has been renewed. As such, Danjaq, LLC, the company that owns many trademarks, characters and other elements related to the 007 franchise, has made this move during a period where there is no shortage of theories about a new game. And it looks like this wave of speculation may continue for a few more weeks.

VGC claims to have information about an HD remaster of Goldeneye 007, which has reportedly been delayed due to the war in Ukraine. The people behind the alleged project have not said anything about it, so we recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt until an official confirmation is released.

It is worth remembering that the renewal of a trademark does not always lead to the production of more video games. However, Goldeneye 007 was indeed preparing a return for Xbox 360 until Nintendo ended development, leaving us with a cancelled project and 2 hours of gameplay.

Source: VGC

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