Karl Arrives Before Spring Ends: Sniper Elite 5 Gets Release Date [VIDEO]

Rebellion also revealed what the pre-order bonuses are and what the game’s Deluxe Edition will contain.


Here are the new details via Rebellion: “The new trailer gives details of the storyline and the main characters that will feature in Sniper Elite 5 as elite marksman Karl Fairburne uncovers a Nazi plot to turn the tide of the Second World War, codenamed Operation Kraken. Karl has to use all of the skills to gather intelligence about the plans and make sure they never come to fruition. This will pit him against the scheme’s mastermind, Abelard Moller, an Axis Obergruppenfuhrer, who must be stopped at any cost.

Players who pre-order Sniper Elite 5 will also receive the latest mission of the “Target Führer” campaign entitled “Wolf Mountain.” Players will infiltrate the Berghof, Hitler’s private mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps, crawling with heavily armed personal guards and a slew of collectables for eagle-eyed snipers. They are tasked with taking down the Führer in the most imaginative way possible. Additionally, those who pre-order will receive the P.1938 Suppressed Pistol. This powerful handgun is a must-have for covert operations based on a Special Forces experimental prototype.

Rebellion has also revealed the details of the Sniper Elite 5 Deluxe Edition, which will include the pre-order content and the Season Pass. This will give players access to a post-release two-part campaign on extensive maps. They can arm themselves with an expanded armoury of authentic World War II weapons and customize their sniper with new character packs and weapon skins. The Season Pass comes fully loaded with two Campaign Missions, two Weapon skin packs, two Character Packs, and six Weapon Packs.

The game features an extensive Campaign, which can be played with a two-player online co-op, with locations painstakingly recreated using photogrammetry to ensure a deeply immersive experience. Online, the new Invasion Mode allows players to drop into each other’s Campaigns and take the role of an Axis Sniper with high rewards. This brings a whole new dimension to the game’s intense drama and extra diversity to the enemies you will face on the battlefield. Additionally, 16 players can face off in adversarial multiplayer in various game modes,” Rebellion wrote.

Sniper Elite 5 will launch on May 26 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will also be part of (Xbox) Game Pass.

Source: Gematsu

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