Gameplay trailer for Moss: Book II. — the game comes up with a release date and new features

Our favourite cute mouse Quill is about to return to his adventures in this spring’s Moss: Book II. PlayStation VR game.



Moss: Book II. will soon be available to all fans of Quill’s adventures. The team at Polyarc today confirmed the launch of the adventure game on PlayStation VR in exactly two weeks’ time, on 31 March, sharing a gameplay where the developers discuss some of what’s new.

According to the developers: “New allies, old friends and the very world around you will offer you help on your journey, but in the end, only you can raise Quill to save this world and, together, become a legend,”

The Seattle-based company is putting a lot of work into their project to make the puzzle game more complicated and exciting. For example there will be new skills to master and weapons to discover. It seems that the sequel focues even more on the story, making it more complicated as Quill is set out to save the world of Moss and cause the downfall of the ruthless Arcane.

“The Polyarc team is extremely proud of this game and we can’t wait to share it with you. And trust us, this was just an appetizer for this new adventure.”

It is currently unknown when the game will be available on virtual reality devices for PC, Meta Quest 2 or PlayStation VR2.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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