Will the anticipated Star Wars Eclipse be delayed? The response leaves a lot of doubt in fans

There is a massive development at Quantic Dream regarding Star Wars Eclipse; they’re hiring new staff members.



Recently, there has been a lot of talk about when Star Wars Eclipse will hit shops, with reports dating its release as far back as 2027. A spokesperson for the French team has been willing to comment on alleged delays in release due to problems in the game’s development. However, there isn’t any good news so far. What does Quantic Dream have to say about it?

The creators of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human responded in an email shared by GamesRadar:

“Star Wars: Eclipse has not been postponed because Quantic Dream never announced or set a release date for the title,” 

Quantic Dream acknowledges in its message that it is still in an active recruitment phase for Star Wars Eclipse and third-party projects. These statements parallel the release of its latest fiscal results. In this way, the French team prefers to remain silent about the comments of an insider who claimed to know about the lack of staff and initial funding for the project.

The David Cage-founded team reports record results and strong growth, with more than one million copies of Detroit sold on Steam alone 6.5 million games on PC and PlayStation. “Our strong financial results are supported by robust sales of our catalogue of titles,” they said.

As we await more details on Star Wars Eclipse, we can only look back at its announcement trailer, which takes the player to a less hackneyed setting in George Lucas’ saga, the High Republic. Quantic Dream promises a narrative-heavy action-adventure game, rounding off a new golden age for Star Wars in the industry with several developments.

Source: Games Radar

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