New PS5 Update With Big News: The New PlayStation Firmware In Detail

TECH NEWS – New features are also coming to Sony’s previous console, PlayStation 4.



Today, Sony announced software-related news for PS4 and PS5. Both PlayStation consoles will receive a new system update whose new features, in addition to affecting the desktop machines, will also eventually bring changes to the brand’s mobile apps.

As we read in a post on the official PlayStation blog, new features are coming that have been previously tested in betas held weeks ago. For example, we will be able to create or join open or closed groups on PS4 and PS5 with new options that users have highly requested. Open groups allow any friend to join without an invitation, closed groups require an invitation, and an option to adjust the volume of each participant has also been tested.

In the new generation specifically, the user interface of Game Base and trophy cards has been improved, along with accessibility features such as mono audio for headphones. There are new ‘pro tip’ cards in the control centre that allow us to get up to speed on what we can do with our PS5.

As mentioned at the start, there are also changes to the PS App. Starting today, they’ll be gradually rolling out the ability to create or join open and closed groups from within the app. Access to friends, groups and messaging features will be easier to provide a desktop console experience. PS Remote Play will feature minor modifications such as a dark mode and new languages for the screen reader.

But certainly, one of the most notable new features mentioned by senior vice president of platform Hideaki Nishino is everything to do with the future inclusion of VRR in PS5, namely the variable refresh rate. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically synchronises the screen’s refresh rate with the graphics output of the PS5 console, optimising the visual performance of games by minimising or eliminating visual artefacts such as frame skipping and tearing.

These improvements will result in a smoother gaming experience for many PS5 games, as PlayStation claims that scenarios are rendered instantly, graphics are sharper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released games can be optimised for VRR via a patch, and upcoming games will likely include support at launch.

We will also be allowed to apply VRR to unsupported PS5 games, as in some cases, it helps to improve video quality. Note that results may vary depending on the TV and the game you play. If unexpected visual effects occur, the option can be disabled at any time.

There is no confirmed date yet for the arrival of this variable refresh rate on Sony’s next-gen console, but we will be informed in time. There’s no news on the hardware, so it looks like we’ll continue to suffer from a shortage of consoles in shops due to a lack of available components.

Source: Polygon, Pushsquare

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