Is The Hacker Group That Humiliated Microsoft & Nvidia Led By Teenagers?!

TECH NEWS – According to a Bloomberg report, the LAPSUS$ group that recently “fooled” Nvidia and other big companies is not adequately covering its moves…



Earlier this month, Nvidia’s offices were put on red alert after a major hack of its most sensitive data was discovered, followed by another cyberattack targeting Microsoft. These two actions have a common denominator: the LAPSUS$ group, which claim to be responsible for these operations. However, the latest information about these hackers suggests that they are not exactly a traditional organisation.

LAPSUS$ is allegedly led by a 16-year-old teenager

Bloomberg had access to research by cybersecurity officials, which revealed that LAPSUS$ is led by a 16-year-old teenager living near Oxford in the UK. He is the prime suspect in the group’s recent attacks, which have allegedly targeted Samsung, Vodafone and Ubisoft in addition to Nvidia (although these companies have not given official confirmation).

Although researchers believe that the boy is the main organiser of the operations, it is suspected that LAPSUS$ comprises at least seven people, including another teenager hacking from Brazil. According to Bloomberg, reports suggest that several rival hackers have leaked sensitive information about LAPSUS$ online, as cyberattacks are not usually covered up after they are carried out.

While it is undeniable that the hacking group has wreaked havoc on some of the biggest tech companies, both Microsoft and Nvidia claim that no customer data has been compromised. It will be curious to see how these actions unfold, as LAPSUS$ has not hesitated to attack several companies in various sectors.

Source: Bloomberg

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