NVIDIA Got Hacked!? 1TB Of Stolen Data, Serious Demands

TECH NEWS – Although NVIDIA warned about the vulnerability last week, they have now confirmed that the worst-case scenario has been confirmed.



NVIDIA is quite optimistic for 2022, as they claim that component shortages will start to ease in the second half of the year. However, all of their predictions have been thrown into a tailspin after a massive hacker attack was confirmed, putting their plans for the coming months in jeopardy. The company says that its customer service has not been affected, but one can imagine that the situation is far from good.

Hackers demand open-source cards and unrestricted currency mining

The company explained that they detected the vulnerability on 23 February but have only now officially confirmed the hacking attack and the theft of large amounts of data. According to reports in The Verge, Bloomberg and PC Mag media, the LAPSUS$ group claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming to have stolen 1TB of content which will be leaked to the internet if their demands are not met by next Friday.

The hackers have posted a statement on NVIDIA’s Telegram channel demanding that NVIDIA remove features restricting cryptocurrency mining from all its graphics cards. They also published another demand that all graphics cards should be made open source. After the first security breach, many users began to speculate that cyberattacks related to the Russian-Ukrainian situation might be involved, but NVIDIA dismissed these speculations in the absence of clear evidence.

The company has not provided any further information on its plan of action, so we will have to wait and see how this crisis develops. After all, hackers claim to have information about the recently released RTX 3090 Ti and future revisions, not to mention confidential information about the company’s products.

Source: The Verge, Bloomberg, PC Mag

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