Microsoft Flight Simulator Takes Us To Spain & Portugal In The Latest World Update [VIDEO]

World Update VIII arrived in Microsoft Flight Simulator yesterday, after being delayed for a few days due to the Chinese Boeing 737 crash.



Microsoft Flight Simulator fans can now enjoy another corner of the world from above: Spain and Portugal have arrived! A few hours ago, the Asobo Studio team released the simulator’s eighth World Update, allowing users to fly over the Iberian Peninsula in greater detail.

“Start exploring the coastal nooks of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, the heights of the Pyrenees, and legendary architecture of cities like Lisbon and Madrid with World Update VIII: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar & Andorra,” describes Asobo Studio.

“This region has been enhanced with a variety of new, high resolution geographic improvements, including elevation data, photogrammetry, and aerial imagery for a stunning experience. This update includes four handcrafted airports, 99 custom points of interest (POIs), four bush trips, four new discovery flights, and five brand new landing challenges.”

If you’d like to dig deeper, all the revised landmarks and locations can be found in the announcement shared on the game’s website.

This DLC was scheduled to be released on March 22, but Asobo Studio and Microsoft have kindly postponed the release due to the recent tragic flight news, referring to the China Eastern Boeing 737 that crashed in the Asian country earlier this week.

Since the release of the first World Update dedicated to Japan in September, Flight Simulator has been receiving updates every few weeks to more realistically depict different regions of the world. We can now look forward to the next update, dedicated to Italy and Malta, scheduled for May. Remember, you can play Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox Series with Xbox Game Pass.


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