Halo Is The Most Watched Original Series On Paramount+ In The First 24 Hours!

MOVIE NEWS – The long-awaited and highly anticipated Halo series has been an enormous success for Paramount+, breaking records in its first 24 hours on the streaming service.



It seems that Paramount+’s calculations for Halo have worked out quite well, as the series has reportedly had its biggest premiere on the streaming service. Based on the popular video game series of the same name, it follows the story of Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) in a war between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant, a military alliance of various advanced alien races. The series premiered on the streaming service on 24 March 2022 – we also wrote a review of the first episode.

The series has been in development for years, first announced in 2013 with producer Steven Spielberg. It was initially made for Showtime but was moved to Paramount+ because it was deemed a better fit for the streaming service, given the channel’s other big science fiction series, such as the various Star Trek shows.Paramount+ ran a massive marketing campaign for the series, including a Super Bowl ad, to attract audiences who may never have played video games to watch the series.

It seems the TV series has indeed received a lot of attention, as Paramount+ revealed that it was the most-watched original series on the service in its first 24 hours. While no exact numbers or figures were released, the streaming service announced that it set a record both in the US and internationally. Tanya Giles, Director of Programming at Paramount+, released a statement celebrating the series’ record-breaking premiere. The statement can be read below:

“Bringing HALO to life as a streaming series has been one of the most rewarding efforts for Paramount+ to date and we could not be more thrilled at the massive fan responses to the series’ debut.”

“Along with our phenomenal partners at Showtime, 343 Industries, and Amblin Television, we cannot wait for fans to experience more of this incredible universe.”

You could say these numbers don’t mean much, as the series has already been renewed for Season 2 on Paramount+. However, the massive premiere has several factors, given the franchise’s 21-year history and a fanbase eager to see the game series finally come to life in live-action form, all the way to the recently released video game Halo: Infinity, which will likely act as a good brand synergy and reignite interest in the franchise. It will be interesting to see if viewers stick with Halo and how the series will handle competition such as Moon Knight.

Source: Deadline

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