Is The Metal Gear Anniversary Website Fake?! Konami Answers

The mysterious Metal Gear website has now been updated with hints of Konami’s entry into the world of NFTs.



Yesterday, we came across a website that refers to the 35th anniversary of Metal Gear. This prompted us to speculate on the rumoured remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and other theories regarding the iconic spy series. Sadly, we can now kiss that dream goodbye, as Konami has confirmed that the website is fake. So the company has nothing in store for the franchise’s anniversary? Well, let’s not be so sure because a (this time official) statement hints at a possible surprise.

“We are currently studying how to handle this website” – Konami

Konami is aware of the existence of this online portal and plans to take the following steps to shut it down for good, according to Techradar. “We are currently studying how to handle the site.” The media outlet recalls that the mysterious move was registered using a security service called Dreamhost, while Konami’s websites have always used another service called MarkMonitor.

“Nothing more can be said for now” – Konami

But as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Konami might be preparing something for the 35th anniversary. As they succinctly put it to Techradar, “We can’t say anything right now”, leaving the door open to unexpected announcements. So watch for more from Konami in the coming months.





But what about the fake website? It’s now been updated with a giant logo claiming it was all an April Fools’ joke and dropping various taunts towards companies that have recently entered the world of Konami and NFT. In this context, we can see a lot of Otacon character NFTs that will soon be “auctioned”, although it is clear that the author of the portal takes the whole thing as a joke. In this sense, he leaves messages such as “The auction start date may change, or may not happen at all”, or “To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what ‘not-fungible’ means, so you’re all on the honor system until we figure it out.”

However, the web author does leave a message about Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 being pulled from stores: “Konami, please don’t sue me. Alternatively, please use the funds you would spend hiring lawyers on buying the historical image licenses needed to get MGS2 and MGS3 back in digital stores.”

So it looks like we’ll have to wait until Konami officially announces their plans for Metal Gear’s 35th anniversary. The company has always been known for its love of NFTs, a world it has entered with Castlevania-related initiatives. However, the community’s criticisms have fallen on deaf ears at the company, and they are fully convinced that this scheme is a way of preserving content.

Source: Techradar

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