Metal Gear: Konami Launches A Website Celebrating The 35th Anniversary Of The Iconic Game!

Konami set up a 35th-anniversary website for Metal Gear. Needless to say, fans worldwide have already started speculating about a new game.


No matter how many years go by, the Metal Gear series will remain a historical reference in video games. Although the company seems to be focused on other things, it has not forgotten a very special date. Both Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid marked a before and after in the industry, thanks to Hideo Kojima and Konami.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Metal Gear, so Konami is already preparing some surprises, even though it’s been years without any notable news about the franchise. Or at least that’s what we are given to understand with the opening of an official website for the anniversary:

No details of what the Japanese company may have in store have been revealed, but we do see the official logo for the celebration, with the classic exclamation point (replacing the dot with the number 35) on a green background. Of course, this event has already caused thousands of Metal Gear fans worldwide to start speculating about a possible new game in the series. However, the announcement would typically have to do with the MSX classics.

For several months there have been reports of a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 developed by Virtuos Studios in collaboration with Konami. Still, since then, little else has been known about it. What is official is the production of a Metal Gear movie that seems to be far from being released for the time being.

Source: Nintendo Life

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