Amber Heard’s Motion Denied By The Court In The Depp Case!

MOVIE NEWS – That’s it, case over… of course not; it’s just that the judge denied Amber Heard’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.



Amber Heard, star of the Aquaman movies, is trying to take every opportunity to end this increasingly unpleasant litigation as soon as possible. The evidence against her was such that there was little chance that the defamation suit brought by Johnny Depp would be dropped, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth a shot.

Heard and her legal team recently filed a motion to dismiss Depp’s civil suit against her, which Judge Penny Azcarate denied.

Heard’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, filed the motion on the grounds that there was “ample evidence” that Depp had abused her during their marriage, which would refute Depp’s claim of defamation. Rottenborn added that if Depp abused her “even one time, then she wins. It’s that simple.”

Depp’s attorney Ben Chew opposed the motion, saying not only did Heard’s “false allegations” meet the criteria for defamation but pointed directly at Amber Heard, saying she could be proven by evidence that she was the abuser in their marriage. Judge Azcarate denied the motion to dismiss on Rottenborn’s first two claims but will consider the third. So now the defamation trial is scheduled to proceed.





So far, the court has heard from Depp, as well as witnesses whose testimony supports his claims that Amber Heard not only defamed him but also provided evidence that she was the abuser in their marriage. The court will now hear Heard’s side of the case.

It appears that Heard will be testifying on her own behalf to defend her case and bring in her own witnesses.

The public will be eagerly awaiting this because now we will find out just how mutually toxic their marriage was and how Heard will respond to the narrative that he was the abuser.

Whatever happens in this lawsuit, one thing is already certain: Amber Heard has lost in the court of public opinion until further notice.

People can draw their own conclusions about what really happened between her and Depp during their marriage. Still, since we don’t know exactly what happened, we have to rely on the evidence presented, which at this point is firmly in Depp’s favour, proving that Heard manipulated and verbally and even physically abused him – at least based on the footage, photos and testimony presented so far.

It must have been an extremely toxic relationship, and for the time being, it seems to have been more because of Heard.

Source: The Independent

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