Alan Wake News: Remastered’s Coming To Switch, But When We Can Expect AW 2…? [VIDEO]

Remedy has released a very short Alan Wake Remastered teaser and promises to give a date in the future – but we’ll have to wait a little longer for any announcements about AW 2…



The announcement of Alan Wake Remastered has caused a stir among fans of Remedy’s classic franchise. The game brought back the tense adventure with upgraded graphics and other additions, but there was one group of gamers who didn’t get to try out the next-gen goodness: Nintendo Switch users. Despite this, the title was registered for the hybrid in the popular PEGI and Brazilian rating systems, so the community was looking forward to today’s news.

As Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake confirmed in a video celebrating the franchise’s anniversary, Alan Wake Remastered is definitely coming to Nintendo Switch.





The teaser shows a very brief preview of the game running on Big N’s console, but Remedy has already indicated that it is an unfinished project, and as such, more information on the release date will be coming soon.

Remedy hasn’t revealed any further details about the Nintendo Switch version, so we’ll continue to keep an eye out for news on this surprise announcement. After all, the developer started the celebration with this news and turned the conversation towards the development of Alan Wake 2, which is moving along smoothly.


We won’t hear about Alan Wake 2 before the autumn


In a video celebrating the franchise’s anniversary, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake gave an update on an Alan Wake 2 that aims to be even creepier than the first instalment. Following in the franchise’s familiar footsteps, the developer has come up with several ideas that mix darkness and loneliness with a touch of madness.

“Everything is going very well. A good part of the game is playable.”- Sam Lake





However, Remedy has ruled out sharing any fresh news with us over the summer, so we can expect to miss out on any events that are broadcast over the coming months. However, Sam Lake reassures players that “everything is going well. A good part of the game is playable. We want to make sure we create the best possible experience, the best possible first survival horror game from Remedy. We don’t want to distract the team at the moment.”

For now, Remedy has already grabbed us with some images that would make any gamer’s hair stand on end. Beyond that, we already know that the original characters from the first title will be returning, and if that wasn’t enough, the developers claim to be making the most beautiful game in their history. So let’s look forward to more information about their highly anticipated game sometime in the autumn.

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