Everyone’s Favourite Robocop Is Coming To Fortnite!

Finally, the law enforcement of the future is here: Robocop is about to take Fortnite by storm…



Robocop, a horrifying cyborg creature of a robber megacorp bent on imposing his will on the sick, crumbling remains of a capitalist empire, is the latest pop culture icon to make his way into Fortnite.

The first reaction to Robocop in Fortnite is that most people think it’s a pretty weird addition. The character was, after all, a strident critique of corporatism, capitalism, systemic corruption and the slow bankruptcy of modern society, whereas Fortnite is more akin to an interactive take on every existing pop culture phenomenon – there’s not much obvious cross-compatibility. It might seem a little dated for Fortnite’s audience: after all, the original film was released in 1987.

Robocop is now available in the Fortnite Item Store.

On the other hand, it’s been pointed out that anything clever ends up being sold to us as a game by the same companies that were once criticised – and the film’s director Paul Verhoeven would probably have had a pretty good time with it all anyway. After all, his character has now become as much of a pop-culture icon as many of the other characters who have appeared in Fortnite.

Ultimately, Fortnite is a total crossover free-for-all – the game has recently been joined by Assassin’s Creed, Doctor Who, Naomi Osaka and the X-Men, among others – and it’s worth remembering that the Terminator, who once ripped a man’s heart out of his chest to take his coat, joined the game in January 2021. So I guess adding Robocop isn’t such a shocking move after all…

Source: Polygon

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