Disney’s Latest Pirates Of The Caribbean Ad Has Received An Unexpected Reception…

MOVIE NEWS – The promo for Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean celebration wasn’t a big hit when it hit the web, thanks to disappointed fans of Johnny Depp…



Perhaps now isn’t the best time for Disney to promote Pirates of the Caribbean, which the company found out in a rather unpleasant way. Walt Disney World posted a 50th-anniversary promo featuring Pirates of the Caribbean on Twitter. The tweet also encouraged others to respond with their “pirate name”. Well, the post got a lot of responses, but not precisely the kind Disney might have hoped for…

Johnny Depp fans expressed their disappointment and disdain.

The tone of the tweets ranged from bitter disappointment to deep contempt (for Disney). The community feels that the company treated Johnny Depp shabbily when, after the first (unproven) allegations surfaced, they immediately scrapped plans for the next film and dropped the famous actor from the series. As one fan put it, “Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow is Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s nothing without Johnny/Jack.” This sentiment is one of the most common among the tweets received in response.

Others pointed out to the House of Mouse that they could have at least waited for the trial to be over before bringing up the subject. “How can you even have such an advertisement when you aren’t supporting the main actor?” asked one user, in a not very rhetorical way.

“Really, trying to cash in while you dropped Johnny like a hot potato,” said someone else. “You should be ashamed, he made that character, not the director, not the script writers, Johnny himself. I bet you didn’t mind taking the money he was pulling in???”

The actor is currently suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation, claiming that the actress’ false claims caused him to lose the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. During his testimony, Depp said he felt “betrayed” that Disney fired him after he spent so many years making his character, and by extension the franchise, a money-making success. He hoped to return for at least one more film, as he believes fans deserve a fictional pirate who deserves a fitting farewell.

The lawsuit continues, and as for Disney, next time, it will think twice about promoting Pirates of the Caribbean…

Source: Twitter

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