Arma Reforger: Is The Famous Military Simulation Series Coming To Consoles?!

Arma Reforger will be the next game in the series, which the developers believe will be a bridge to Arma 4.



A leaked marketing guide claims that the next game in the Arma series could be Arma Reforger, which uses Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine, but it was explicitly pointed out that it will not be Arma 4 yet. Because of the complexity of developing the fourth instalment, the guide says Bohemia intends the game to be a bridge between the Arma 3 community and the new game, which would also introduce the franchise to a new audience – console gamers.

Arma Reforger will reportedly be released for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The marketing guide was posted on Reddit’s Gaming Leaks and Rumours forum. It’s being widely credited, given that a post last week said Bohemia itself would be holding a The Future of Arma presentation on May 17.

According to the leak, the game will be set on a fictional island called Everon in the Atlantic Ocean, close to another fictional “Armaverse” island, Malden. (The island of Everon will be familiar to former Operation Flashpoint veterans, as it was one of the locations for the game.)





Somewhat similarly to OpFlashpoint, the new game will be set in the past, in “an alternate 1989”, during the conflict between US and Soviet forces. The game’s description suggests that Arma Reforger may be a little more accessible to casual gamers than before. Bohemia is also apparently hoping that by releasing the Enfusion engine and technology to modders before the actual Arma 4 release, there will be a robust modder community in place for launch.

Notably, the marketing guide emphasises Bohemia’s continued collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross, previously exemplified by the Laws of War DLC for Arma 3.

According to the marketing guide, the game will continue cultivating the series’ “anti-war humanitarian focus,” continuing to “explore, disseminate and promote international humanitarian law in the game.”

Source: Reddit

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