Bruce Willis’ Final Role Promises To Be A Memorable One [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Bruce Willis is on parade as a mob boss in his latest – presumably one of, if not “the” last – action movie, White Elephant.



Legendary actor Bruce Willis’ (yet another) latest film, White Elephant, continues to focus on the hot action. Willis is joined in the lead roles by Michael Rooker of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, Black Widow villain Olga Kurylenko and two-time Oscar nominee John Malkovich. Bruce Willis’ family recently announced that the actor is retiring from acting due to an aphasia diagnosis. The news came as a shock to the entertainment world, especially those who have enjoyed following Bruce Willis’ career of action hero films laced with sarcastic humour.

The film also stars Vadhir Derbez, who had a crucial role in White Elephant and who recently starred in The Seventh Day.

RLJE will release White Elephant in theaters and streaming on AMC+ on June 3, 2022.

White Elephant follows the story of ex-Marine-turned-Mafia enforcer Gabriel Tancredi (Rooker) as he struggles with his conscience and code of honour after being ordered by ruthless mob boss Arnold (Willis) to liquidate all threats after two police officers witness a botched assassination attempt by his protégé Carlos. As his eager underling tries to prove himself, rival gangs make their move, and the body count keeps rising, with every move putting lives at risk, including his own. It’s a way of life: live by the code, die by the bullet.

The film is directed by Jesse V. Johnson and produced by Jordan Beckerman, Jeff Bowler, Jon Keeyes, Jordan Yale Levine and Mandi Murro.

Give Your Life Dearly! the 67-year-old star was recently photographed for the first time since his retirement. On Sunday afternoon, Bruce Willis was spotted dining with a friend at Divino Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. The actor stayed casual, wearing a grey T-shirt, jeans and a green baseball cap before the pair went for a walk in the area.

Some pop culture experts pointed out that Willis’ decision to retire from his career was a stark reminder that people never know what others are going through.

This applies to celebrities and all public figures. Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University, noted that the public perception that we can get to know stars intimately is an illusion created by the tabloids and social media.

Source: Screen Rant

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