Critics love Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick

MOVIE NEWS – Tom Cruise’s new super production, Top Gun: Maverick, was celebrated with a five-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. The star received a surprise award: his decades of work were honored with the Honorable Golden Palm. (A large-scale Tom Cruise retrospective was also held at the festival, showing all his important films.) And before and after the screening, fighter jets split the sky in style, greeting those gathered with blue, white and red smoke.


The big fuss fits in with a gala show at the world’s most important international film festival, but it doesn’t seem like a mere elegant gesture. Anyone who has seen the film thinks it has been really good, and even surpasses its predecessor, the Top Gun , 36 years ago. This is indicated, among other things, by the fact that the critical portal Rottentomatoes has 96 percent production and very few films belong to the club of more than 95 percent.

Let’s take a look at the critics’ opinions:

“Yes, yes, yes! The Top Gun: Maverick is a master energy bomb. Tom Cruise is our biggest movie star. It can bring EVERYTHING we expect from a super movie. The aerial scenes are breathtaking. The character development is fantastic. Pure action with bare-hearted romance. Don’t miss out! ” (Sean O’Connell, Cinemablend)

“In short: wow! Top Gun: Maverick is stunning in every way. The action and the flight are insanely intense and constantly changing and evolving. Then get out of the chair. I wasn’t even prepared for how much emotion there was in him. The audience burst into cheers a dozen times. That’s what we need! ” (Erik Davis, Fandango)

“I absolutely loved the movie. I’m totally captivated by the cinematography work in the flying scenes and, of course, the performance of Tom Cruise . The other actors were also great, especially Miles Teller and Glen Powell . It’s a movie worth watching on the biggest screen. ” (Steve Weintraub, Collider)

Lady Gaga also received a lot of recognition, with an insertion song below the closing title:

“Lady Gaga’s insert is divine. Like everything in this movie, it’s perfect. ” (Drew Taylor, The Wrap)

We will watch the film tomorrow, our critique is expected after that.

( Top Gun: Maverick – Home Show: May 26, 2022 .)

Source: UIP Danube Film

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