Evil Dead Game Is Huge Success – Even The Publisher Was Surprised It Sold So Many!

The highly anticipated horror game Evil Dead has already achieved record sales, only recently released.



The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Evil Dead was released on 13 May, which fittingly fell on a Friday. In the first five days following its release, according to a full-year report published on Twitter by Embracer Group, which owns developer Saber Interactive and @EmbracerInvestor…

… Evil Dead sold over 500,000 copies, surprising even the publisher.

Initially scheduled for 2021, the release of Evil Dead: The Game was first delayed to February 2022 due to polishing and the addition of a single-player mode, and then finally to May. As Saber said at the time, “This delay gives our team the time they need to get things just right, so your boomstick will be polished, fully loaded, and ready to blast Deadites on that Friday the 13th of May.” It seems to have paid off, and Evil Dead has been better received than Saber Interactive’s previous licensed cooperative zombie shooter, World War Z.

While four players – who could be characters from the film series, the TV series, or just different versions of Ash – work together to achieve objectives, a fifth player hunts them as a demon. (Any of the roles can be filled by artificial intelligence.) The more terrified the survivors are, the more susceptible they are to the demon’s attacks, including possessing one of them to attack the others.

In our review a few days ago, we were also delighted with the game. However, it has to be added that it is far from fulfilling all our hopes – in particular, the lack of story mode and the weak, repetitive single-player mode may be frustrating for many. If you’re interested in our review, you can read it here.

The fact that Evil Dead is a multiplatform multiplayer game with crossplay has undoubtedly helped sales, but people seem to be having fun with it.

The idea of a bunch of different Ash, all voiced by Bruce Campbell, running around together with boom-bots and chainsaws is definitely appealing.

Source: Embracer Group

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